Kim Kardashian Fans Speculate About Her Reaction to Ex-Husband Kanye West’s Wife’s Bond with Their Kids

 Kim Kardashian Fans Speculate About Her Reaction to Ex-Husband Kanye West’s Wife’s Bond with Their Kids

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Kim Kardashian’s fans have expressed concerns over her reaction to Kanye West’s new wife, Bianca Censori, developing a close bond with Kardashian and West’s children. This topic became a point of discussion following Censori’s nurturing interactions with the children at the release party of West’s new album “Vulture,” as reported by The Sun.

Photos from the event showed Censori carrying Chicago, West and Kardashian’s 5-year-old daughter, into the party. North, age 10, and Saint, age 8, were also present, and Censori appeared to share a comfortable and playful relationship with them.

This prompted online speculation and comparisons between Censori and Kardashian, with some suggesting that Censori seemed more “motherly” towards the children than Kardashian, causing distress to the 43-year-old reality star.

Reddit users engaged in discussions about these observations, debating the dynamics within the family and the potential impact on Kardashian.

The Reddit post read, “On a scale of 1 to mad, how mad is Miss Kimmy right now??” The users joined the bandwagon, and a Reddit critic, u/Many_Baker8996, said, “As wild as Bianca and Kanye are as a couple, for some reason, you can tell Bianca loves the kids and cares about them.” 

The album launch event wasn’t without controversy. West’s song “How can I be anti-Semitic? I just f*ed a Jewish b**” sparked significant backlash for its lyrics. The American Jewish Committee and others criticized the song, as noted by Daily Mail, for its offensive content.

Another user, u/Texas_Crazy_Curls, echoed, “She seems sweet and genuine with her affection towards them.” A third, u/gunsof, agreed, “She seems natural with them. Very instinctual.” A fourth,u/Ha_Na_Ko_91, affirmed, “As a mom – this is so true!” 

u/xKayleesi pointed out, “How is it that Bianca is always seen being more motherly to these kids in public than their mother? Carrying them and holding their hand while enthusiastically talking with them.” Another user, u/Infinitely_Chaotic, commented, “I can’t tell on what scale, but Bianca seems to care for these children. She probably spots for them; that’s probably her one redeeming factor from those garbage outfits she’s always wearing.” 

Meanwhile, a fan put things in a different perspective. u/Fabulous_State9921 stated, “Plus, isn’t this one of the children that pimp mama Kris paid some poor surrogate to carry for her? I think it shows that Kim considers North more “hers” because she carried her than the other kids.” u/Brilliant_Let_658 questioned, “‘Bianca seems like a good person, don’t understand why she is with Kanye, for real.”

In response to the controversy, Censori defended her husband, stating that the lyrics were taken “out of context.” She, along with insiders, denied the accusations of anti-Semitism and racism against West, emphasizing that such allegations were unfounded.

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