Khloé Kardashian breaks silence on her perfume-crafting journey “The Pressure’s on Me Now”

 Khloé Kardashian breaks silence on her perfume-crafting journey “The Pressure’s on Me Now”


Khloé Kardashian has opened up about her fragrance journey in an exclusive interview with Hello! Fashion Monthly, discussing her upcoming solo perfume launch and the challenges it brings.

In the magazine’s August/September 2024 issue, Khloé shared her excitement and apprehension about releasing a perfume on her own, describing the experience as “scary.” Despite her extensive background in the beauty industry, this solo project presents a new set of challenges.

Khloé has previously created fragrances, including the “Unbreakable” line with her ex-husband Lamar Odom in 2011. She also collaborated with her sisters on perfumes for Kim Kardashian’s now-defunct KKW Beauty brand. Reflecting on these past experiences, Khloé acknowledged, “I have done fragrances before, with my ex-husband and my sisters, but the pressure’s on me now.”

The reality star revealed that she has been diligently testing “different scents for months and months,” emphasizing the personal nature of creating a fragrance. “It’s a scary process because fragrance is so personal,” Khloé admitted. “It’s just taking time because I’m a perfectionist. It’s a lot on my shoulders but I think I’m coming up with something really beautiful.”

Khloé also reflected on her growth since her earlier ventures in the fragrance industry. In a December interview with WWD, she noted, “I’m in such a different place than when I created fragrances in the past. I’m older. I’m wiser.”

While she didn’t reveal specific details about her upcoming perfume, Khloé hinted at her vision for the scent. “I love for a scent to be classic and for you to be captivated by it,” she shared, indicating her commitment to creating a timeless and memorable fragrance.

This new endeavor marks a significant step for Khloé, showcasing her evolution and determination in the beauty industry. Fans eagerly await the launch, curious to experience the scent that reflects her personal journey and dedication.

As the release date approaches, the beauty mogul remains focused on perfecting her creation. Her dedication and meticulous approach are evident as she navigates the complexities of the fragrance world on her own terms. This solo project not only highlights her entrepreneurial spirit but also her ability to adapt and grow within the industry.

Khloé’s journey serves as an inspiration to those looking to take bold steps in their careers, demonstrating that with passion and perseverance, new challenges can lead to remarkable achievements. As she continues to refine her fragrance, the anticipation builds, and the beauty world watches closely to see the results of her latest venture.

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