Kevin Federline’s ex Shar Jackson’s surprising revelation about Britney Spears

 Kevin Federline’s ex Shar Jackson’s surprising revelation about Britney Spears


Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline’s former fiancée, has countered Britney Spears’ recent memoir claims about the start of their relationship. Spears had written in “The Woman in Me” that she was unaware of Federline having children when they began dating.

Jackson, known for her role in “Moesha”, revealed in an interview with the Daily Mail that when Spears met Federline, the couple was already raising three children and expecting a fourth. The couple shared a daughter, Kori, and Federline also took on a fatherly role to Jackson’s two children from a prior relationship.

Detailing her shock upon discovering Federline and Spears’ relationship, Jackson recounted a specific incident during her pregnancy when Federline went missing for three days. Later, she found out he had met Spears on that fateful night.

Britney Spears, in her memoir, recollects confronting Federline about his children after a friend informed her. But Jackson asserts that Spears was well aware and even claims that she waited outside the hospital when Federline’s son, Kaleb, was born. Spears and Federline subsequently got engaged shortly after Kaleb’s birth, married in 2004, and had two sons.

Spears, in her memoir, reflected on her marriage’s downfall, attributing it to the allure of fame and money affecting Federline.

Jackson, reflecting on the past, holds no resentment towards Federline and believes that his relationship with Spears was a mutual fantasy. She stated, “I never hated Kevin because if you really love someone you can’t hate them.”

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