Kerry Katona opens up on becoming a ‘burden’ to fiancé amid anxiety battles

 Kerry Katona opens up on becoming a ‘burden’ to fiancé amid anxiety battles

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Kerry Katona, the former Atomic Kitten singer, recently opened up about her personal struggles with severe anxiety, fearing that her ongoing health issues might become a significant strain on her relationship with her fiancé, Ryan Mahoney. At 43, Kerry candidly shared her concerns with the Mirror, revealing how her mental health battles have been challenging not only for herself but also for those closest to her.

Kerry’s anxiety has reached a point where she finds it “extremely” difficult to breathe, a symptom that significantly impacts her daily life and well-being. Despite this, she acknowledged that Ryan has been a pillar of support throughout her ordeal. However, the constant battle with her health has left Kerry feeling like she might be overburdening her partner.

In addition, she also admitted to feeling “choked up,” as she struggles to explain to him how she is feeling. Speaking to New!, Katona explained: “I’ve always suffered from anxiety, but over the past couple of weeks it’s been really bad.”

“I don’t know what has triggered it. I kept trying to ignore it, but then on Mother’s Day night it came to a head and I just broke down in tears. My throat was closing up and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. The anxiety has stayed with me ever since.”

“I feel like I just want to curl up and hide. It’s scary. I keep thinking, ‘What is going on with my body?’ I’ve been in tears saying, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m panicking that I’m going to die’.”

The thought of being a ‘burden’ on Ryan is something that deeply troubles her, casting a shadow on their relationship. The distress doesn’t stop with her fiancé; Kerry is also a mother to five children, and her health issues have raised concerns about her ability to be there for them fully. Kerry expressed worries that her struggles might lead her to let her children down, compounding her anxiety with guilt.

The idea of not being able to provide the support and presence her children need is an additional weight on her shoulders. Kerry’s openness about her struggles sheds light on the complexities of dealing with mental health issues while trying to maintain normalcy in personal relationships and family life.

Her situation highlights the delicate balance between seeking support from loved ones and the fear of overburdening them with one’s own struggles. Despite these challenges, Kerry’s story is one of resilience and the importance of support systems in navigating the tumultuous journey of mental health recovery.

Her willingness to share her experiences publicly brings attention to the often hidden struggles many face and the impact they can have on personal relationships. Kerry’s journey underscores the significance of understanding, compassion, and open communication in overcoming the hurdles posed by mental health issues.

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