Katy Perry Ignites Pregnancy Rumors Amid Buzz Over Relationship Status with Orlando Bloom

 Katy Perry Ignites Pregnancy Rumors Amid Buzz Over Relationship Status with Orlando Bloom


Speculation about Katy Perry’s potential pregnancy has been swirling since her announcement to leave “American Idol.” The Sun highlighted these rumors, especially after Perry’s appearance at the Billboard Women in Music event, where her choice of attire fueled further speculation.

Adding to the intrigue, Perry was spotted at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Sydney, Australia, on February 23, noticeably without her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, and her engagement ring. This absence led to speculation about the status of her relationship with Bloom. “It’s odd that Orlando wasn’t with her. Instead, she spent her time with Rita Ora and her husband,” an insider shared with RadarOnline

In Touch Weekly, shared insights from a different source in January, pointing out the contrasting personalities of Perry and Bloom. “Katy is known for her vibrant and outgoing nature, whereas Orlando tends to be more reserved. The fact that Katy was seen without her engagement ring could signify a rift between them,” the source mentioned.

One commented on her photo, “Pregnant?”  

“Katy looks pregnant,” one said, while a third added, “Definitely preggo.” While it remains unconfirmed, Perry and Bloom have appeared in new headlines about their reported relationship issues.

Despite their engagement in 2019 and welcoming their daughter, Daisy, in 2020, Perry and Bloom have not yet married. There were whispers that their wedding was delayed because of Perry’s pregnancy at the time, but four years have passed since their original wedding plans without any confirmation of their marriage.

Perry and Bloom had a brief separation in February 2017 but reconciled a year later. Their relationship had an unconventional start; they connected over a hamburger at a Golden Globes after-party. Recounting the story on “American Idol,” Perry said, “I ended up meeting my boyfriend because of a burger. We were both at the Golden Globes, and I had my security get some In-N-Out burgers. Out of nowhere, I saw Orlando’s hand reach out and take one, even though he wasn’t sitting at our table. I was like, ‘Hey, that’s mine!'”

Their relationship progressed quickly, with Bloom introducing Perry to his family a month later and becoming “Instagram official” in May 2016. The couple was quite public with their relationship, attending numerous events together until their initial breakup.

However, after remaining friends post-breakup, they rekindled their romance in 2018. Bloom proposed to Perry in a grand gesture on Valentine’s Day, involving a surprise rooftop landing in Los Angeles surrounded by friends and family. Perry praised Bloom’s efforts, indicating the depth of their connection despite the ups and downs in their relationship.

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