“No Rift Between Us” Kate Winslet Addresses Feud Speculations with James Cameron

 “No Rift Between Us” Kate Winslet Addresses Feud Speculations with James Cameron

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Kate Winslet has recently opened up about speculation of a feud between her and Titanic director James Cameron. In a new interview with Variety, the actress, who portrayed leading lady Rose in Titanic, revealed she was “traumatized” after filming the romance-disaster movie.

“There is a part of me that feels almost sad that stupid, speculative Titanic stuff at the time overshadowed the actual relationship I have with him,” Kate told the outlet. “He knows I will be up for anything. Any challenge, any piece of direction you give me? I’ll try it,” said The Dressmaker actress.

James Cameron, on the other hand, remarked, “There was never a rift between us. She had a little postpartum depression when she let go of Rose.” “She and I have talked about the fact that she goes really, really deep, and her characters leave a lasting, sometimes dramatic impression on her,” stated The Reader actress.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kate opened up about body rumors, stating, “I actually felt a bit beaten up by it, truth be told.” “I had a lovely family, but all my family saw is, ‘My God, Kate’s got work in a really big film.’ One doesn’t want to turn around to your mum and dad and say, ‘It’s really hard, actually,’” explained the actress.

While discussing her daughter, Mia Threapleton, Kate said, “Thank God, this terrible criticism that could be actively damaging – that has stopped.” “If that part’s gone away, she can figure out the rest herself. She’s so emotionally robust and true to herself, I don’t worry,” she added.

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