Kanye West’s senior Yeezy executive resigns amid brand’s foray into pornography

 Kanye West’s senior Yeezy executive resigns amid brand’s foray into pornography


Milo Yiannopoulos, the Chief of Staff at Kanye West’s Yeezy brand, has officially resigned from his role, as reported by TMZ. The 39-year-old right-wing political commentator announced his decision in an interview with the outlet, stating his departure from the company and expressing his best wishes for the rapper’s future projects.

In his discussion, Yiannopoulos highlighted his concerns about the direction West’s new team was taking and advised caution for the artist in his future ventures. He provided TMZ with a copy of his resignation letter, where he specifically mentioned his unwillingness to participate in West’s latest initiative, the Yeezy Porn venture. Yiannopoulos cited moral and religious reasons for his refusal to be involved in the production and dissemination of pornographic content.

Following his resignation, Yiannopoulos voiced significant concerns about his involvement in creating pornography, pointing out the potential risks it posed to his personal recovery as a former addict and as someone who identified as a former homosexual. He promised an orderly transition of his responsibilities by May 31, 2024, or sooner, to coincide with the schedule of the brand’s first pornography shoot.

Yiannopoulos stated that he would be willing to collaborate with West again if Yeezy decided to abandon any plans related to producing, distributing, or profiting from obscene material.

Previously involved in West’s 2024 presidential campaign efforts, Yiannopoulos claimed credit for arranging a controversial meeting between West, former President Donald Trump, and far-right figure Nick Fuentes in November 2022.

According to sources at TMZ, there has been a series of recent high-level departures from Yeezy, though it was not immediately clear if the departures were directly linked to West’s plans to establish a pornography studio. This wave of resignations suggests a potentially larger shift within the company’s upper management.

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