Kanye West struggles to eat and speak properly

 Kanye West struggles to eat and speak properly

Source: BBC

The unveiling of Kanye West’s titanium dentures has not only captivated his fan base but also drawn critical attention from dental health experts concerning the ramifications on his well-being. Dr. Safa Al-Naher expressed her apprehensions in an interview with The Mirror, emphasizing the practical challenges that West might encounter as a result of his dental modification.

She pointed out that the thickness of the dentures at the front could significantly hinder West’s ability to eat, speak, and perform other essential functions smoothly. Dr. Al-Naher’s concerns extend beyond the immediate inconveniences to potential long-term dental health issues.

She criticized the irreversible nature of such a procedure, underscoring the dentist’s ethical duty to advise against treatments that could harm the patient’s health. The dental expert also shed light on the risk of nerve damage inherent in procedures that involve extensive modification to the teeth, such as West’s dentures.

She cautioned that such damage could lead to serious complications, including the need for root canal treatments to address nerve problems that may arise in the future. This critical perspective offers a cautionary tale about the pursuit of aesthetic dental modifications without fully considering the health implications.

West’s choice to adopt titanium dentures as a fashion statement has certainly sparked debate, with dental professionals like Dr. Al-Naher urging both fans and the wider public to think twice before following in such footsteps, given the potential risks involved.

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