Kanye West seizes pap’s phone for ‘dumb’ Bianca Censori question

 Kanye West seizes pap’s phone for ‘dumb’ Bianca Censori question


Kanye West, who has allegedly banned his wife Bianca Censori from using social media to protect her against negative comments, lost his cool with a photographer over a question about an Australian-born beauty during his outing in Los Angeles on Monday.

The 46-year-old American rapper could not control his anger and snatched the photographer’s phone after being asked if his wife Censori has ‘free will’ in their relationship.

It happened when the “Gold Digger” hitmaker attended an event to support Charlie Wilson who was being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kanye’s verbal altercation got physical. He was caught on camera as he removed a phone from the hand of the person who started down a line of questioning that upset the musician.

‘Hey Kanye, how are you doing, it’s good to see you – people want to know, if Bianca has her free will. Some people are saying you are controlling her,’ the photographer said.

The camera, in the clip published on TMZ, was seen careening out of focus after Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband grabbed it, and asked the photographer, ‘Don’t come asking me that dumb-*******,’ he said. ‘I’m a person, bro.’

Clad in an all-black ensemble, Kanye was asked the photographer why they had the gall to ask him ‘some dumb-*** disrespectful questions about my wife’ 

‘You got questions for that, or are you part of the system?’ he said. ‘Do you understand what I’m saying? Do you understand what I’m saying?

‘Was it wrong for you to ask me about my wife, some dumba**, disrespectful sh*** like that, was that wrong or right?’

The rapper pressed on with his line of questioning as the photographer asked for their phone back.

‘Answer the question – I’m supposed to answer your questions – answer my questions,’ he said, disregarding any potential consequences for taking the photographer’s phone out of their hand and refusing to give it back.

‘I got your phone now: They’re gonna arrest me for taking your phone, arrest me for taking your phone then,’ he said.

West described himself as a ‘grown-*** superhero’ and ‘a legend’ as he continued to grill the shutterbug over the question’ that was asked. He asked the person’s name and address and offered to double their salary with a job working for him, before giving the person their phone back.


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