Kanye West seeks to rebuild image with surprise party for wife Bianca Censori

 Kanye West seeks to rebuild image with surprise party for wife Bianca Censori

Photo: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Kanye West is gearing up for a more restrained celebration for his wife Bianca Censori’s 29th birthday today, January 5. This move comes as West aims to reshape his public image following recent controversies, including the sharing of explicit photos of Censori.

PR expert Kieran Elsby spoke with The Mirror about West’s dilemma in planning the birthday event. Elsby observed that West might be struggling to choose between an extravagant display and a more understated approach. Reflecting on the rapper’s history of lavish parties for his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Elsby noted that while West may seek positive media attention, an over-the-top celebration could backfire, attracting negative press.

West’s recent Instagram post, where he shared provocative photos of Bianca and commented, “no pants this year,” has stirred controversy. Elsby believes that West might now favor a smaller, more personal celebration to promote a positive image, emphasizing his family values.

Given Bianca’s apparently more private nature compared to Kim Kardashian, a quieter, more meaningful celebration could be more appropriate. Elsby suggested that the event might focus on shared interests such as art or fashion, reflecting a side of West that aligns with his artistic and creative persona.

Elsby concluded that West is likely seeking a balance for the occasion, possibly choosing a venue and entertainment that showcase his artistic flair while maintaining an intimate and personal atmosphere.

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