Kanye West Manipulated Bianca Censori Into Giving Up Social Media While Pushing Her Nak*dness On His IG, Claims An Insider & Calls It ‘Disturbing’

 Kanye West Manipulated Bianca Censori Into Giving Up Social Media While Pushing Her Nak*dness On His IG, Claims An Insider & Calls It ‘Disturbing’

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Allegations have surfaced regarding Kanye West’s purportedly controlling behavior towards Bianca Censori, particularly since their relationship, which some have labeled as a marriage, entered the public eye. Sources close to the couple have voiced concerns that West has imposed restrictions on Censori’s social media usage as a means to shield her from potential online negativity.

There have been speculations suggesting that West’s intentions might be to mold Censori into a semblance of his former spouse, Kim Kardashian, extending to limiting Censori’s interactions with her circle of friends and family members. Censori’s acquaintances have reportedly attempted to address the issue of West’s dominating tendencies and his efforts to distance her from her social network, although their interventions appear to have had little effect.

Following these confrontations, Censori and West seemingly reconciled and resumed their previous routines. The couple’s relationship reportedly began in 2022, after West’s divorce from Kardashian. Since then, their public appearances and unconventional fashion choices, particularly Censori’s often revealing attire, have frequently attracted media attention.

Before her association with West, Censori was an active participant on social media platforms. However, an insider disclosed to DailyMail that West has since dissuaded her from engaging with social media, purportedly out of concern that negative commentary could be detrimental to her well-being. According to this source, West has exerted influence over Censori to abandon her social media presence, framing it as a necessary sacrifice for someone of her newfound status, which the insider criticized as a manipulative tactic to further isolate and control her.

The same informant elaborated on West’s alleged manipulation, suggesting that he dictates Censori’s wardrobe, social engagements, and overall lifestyle, effectively leaving her with limited autonomy. The transition from being a designer for West to becoming his spouse has, according to the source, left Censori in a constrictive and uncompensated role.

This narrative paints a picture of a relationship dominated by West’s control, with Censori increasingly isolated from her previous life and personal connections. In a related development, West has reportedly purged his Instagram account of all content, including any posts related to Censori and his anticipated album, “Vultures,” leaving observers and fans pondering the implications of this digital erasure on both his personal and professional life.

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