Kanye West drops price tag on Malibu Mansion slashing $14m bid

 Kanye West drops price tag on Malibu Mansion slashing $14m bid

Source: BBC

Kanye West has made a significant reduction in the asking price of his partially demolished Malibu mansion, slashing it from $53 million to $39 million. This adjustment, as reported by TMZ on Thursday, marks a steep decrease in less than four months since the property was first listed for sale in the luxurious oceanfront community.

In an effort to sell this unique property, West teamed up with Jason Oppenheim, a prominent realtor featured on the Netflix reality series “Selling Sunset.” Despite the mansion’s incomplete state, which includes missing windows, walls, a roof, and even electrical wiring, West and Oppenheim have marketed the property as a “blank canvas,” offering vast potential for customization to prospective buyers.

The home itself, covering over 4,000 square feet, is designed to include four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It offers expansive views of the Pacific Ocean, setting a picturesque scene that contrasts sharply with its current gutted condition.

However, the property’s sale has been complicated by several factors, not least of which are the controversies surrounding West since late 2022. His remarks during this period have not only stirred public and media backlash but have also potentially influenced the property’s appeal in the high-end real estate market.

Adding to the complexities, West’s ambitious plans for transforming the residence have led to legal troubles. The rapper’s vision to turn the mansion into what he described as a “bomb shelter from the 1910s” has been met with skepticism and concern, particularly regarding the safety of such a renovation. These concerns culminated in a lawsuit filed by Tony Saxon, the project’s former manager, Via Daily Mail.

Saxon’s legal action, lodged in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, details his tenure on the project beginning in September 2021. During his time, Saxon not only managed the construction efforts but also served as a caretaker and security personnel for the property. According to his claims, he was terminated from his role after repeatedly raising safety issues that he believed were ignored or overlooked by West in pursuit of his unique design objectives.

The lawsuit sheds light on the internal disputes and challenges that have plagued the renovation project, illustrating the difficulties in managing a high-profile, high-stakes real estate endeavor. As the legal proceedings unfold, they are likely to cast further shadows on the mansion’s marketability, complicating West’s efforts to sell the property amid his broader controversies.

Overall, the situation encapsulates a blend of celebrity lifestyle, real estate ambition, and legal drama, spotlighting the intricacies and pitfalls of managing such a distinctive property in the public eye. As West attempts to navigate these turbulent waters, the future of his Malibu mansion remains uncertain, with its ultimate fate hinging on the resolution of these complex issues.

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