Kanye West ‘knocks on’ Kim Kardashian’s door for help

 Kanye West ‘knocks on’ Kim Kardashian’s door for help

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Since his antisemitic controversy, Kanye West has been under significant financial strain, and it has reportedly reached a point where he is seeking help from his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. “Kanye’s been burning through his savings at an alarming rate, and it’s starting to have a very real impact on his bank balance,” an insider shared. “He’s still got some money coming in, but ever since he lost that deal with Adidas, he’s seen many, many zeros drop off his net worth.”

Sources reveal that initially, Kanye remained a free spender despite losing lucrative endorsement deals. “At first, he didn’t let it affect his spending habits; if anything, he spent more to prove he could,” the tipster added. “But it’s now gotten to the point where he’s got no choice but to make some cutbacks, like flying coach instead of private jets.”

On the other hand, Kim Kardashian is flourishing as her business acumen continues to double her wealth. “She can charter a private jet or stretch limo service at the snap of a finger,” a source told In Touch Weekly.

Amid his financial struggles, Kanye has reportedly swallowed his pride and asked Kim for help with financial matters. “So, it’s put him in the humiliating position of needing to actually ask Kim to give him a break and help him out,” the insider explained. “Having to admit to her that things are not as great as he likes to pretend is rock bottom for him. The only thing lower is going broke, so he’s had to humble himself and ask her for help.”

This situation marks a significant shift for Kanye, who has always portrayed an image of financial success and independence. His willingness to seek assistance from Kim highlights the severity of his financial difficulties and his desperation to avoid further financial decline. Meanwhile, Kim’s continued success and stability contrast sharply with Kanye’s current struggles, underscoring the different paths their lives have taken since their split.

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