Kanye West Criticized for Going Barefoot in Photo with Wife Bianca Censori

 Kanye West Criticized for Going Barefoot in Photo with Wife Bianca Censori

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Critics of Kanye West have expressed discomfort after noticing a peculiar aspect in a photo of the rapper with his wife, Bianca Censori, taken during their trip to Italy. The initial images shared by the Yeezy Mafia Instagram profile depicted Censori, aged 28, and West, aged 46, in a close embrace.

The “Flashing Lights” artist opted for an oversized, all-black outfit, and, notably, he was barefoot—a detail that drew the attention of certain fans. The image of the couple was shared on a popular online forum dedicated to the Kardashians, where the absence of footwear evoked a sense of discomfort among fans. Swiftly, fans expressed their repulsion towards West’s decision to go without shoes.

Detractors seized the opportunity to share their opinions on a Reddit discussion board, where they criticized the rapper for his unconventional style preferences, according to Mirror. One individual questioned, “If he doesn’t have his own brand of shoes does he just go barefoot?” Another added, “It’s so gross. He’s got millennia-old grime on those dirty feet.”

A third commented, “His lack of shoes right next to those torturous contraptions on her feet doubles the anxiety for me. Imagine getting your toes stepped on by those things.” Another speculated, “Isn’t he scared of like tetanus or something? City streets aren’t exactly known for their cleanliness.”

Censori wore light blue, semi-transparent tights paired with white stilettos. She completed the ensemble with a matching light blue bodysuit, notable for its transparency and minimal coverage, revealing a significant portion of her side chest, as reported by The U.S. Sun. She also adorned her head with a ribbon and wore tan tights.

Observers found another amusing aspect in the same picture. Sharp-eyed enthusiasts noticed an individual who seemed to be an electrician kneeling in the background. Fans chuckled as they highlighted the presence of the worker in his uniform, seemingly repairing something within a cabinet in the background, while the superstar couple took center stage in the foreground.

One fan noted on Reddit: “I’m thrown off by the guy in the back, who looks like he’s praying? (Or possibly cleaning or puking),” as another added, “Obsessed with him thinking he is so cool and avant-garde, and there is a f**king plumber just working in the shot.” A third posted, “Idk what the guy is doing lol. But who knows where they are, so out of touch they always look ridiculous and out of place.”

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