Kanye West drops ‘f**k bomb’ on Hailey Bieber in deleted rant

 Kanye West drops ‘f**k bomb’ on Hailey Bieber in deleted rant

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Kanye West recently sparked significant speculation and discussion among his followers due to his latest actions on Instagram, especially concerning his seemingly contentious relationship with Hailey Bieber. The buzz began this Tuesday when Kanye decided to return to the social media platform, creating a new account from which he launched a series of posts that quickly escalated in intensity.

Initially, Kanye’s posts seemed benign, with the rapper extending his gratitude towards various individuals. However, the tone of his messages quickly shifted to one of confrontation and criticism. He directed his ire at several targets, including the sportswear giant Adidas and individuals associated with the brand, hinting at a deeper level of conflict and dissatisfaction., reported Daily Express US.

Kanye’s tone then changed as he started ripping into groups of people: “And f**k Adidas and everyone who works there or with them. A little further down in the post, he brought Hailey, 27 into the mix.

“And f**k everybody at the fashion houses that sided with Gabby and Hailey Bieber,” he fumed. “F**k each and every single one of yall.” “And f**k every Christian that watched me have my kids taken out of my control. That’s how I feel,” Kanye went on.

The crux of the intrigue for many of his followers lies in his specific mention of Hailey Bieber and the fashion community surrounding her. Kanye’s posts became increasingly pointed as he called out the model and those in her circle, including fashion houses that have shown support for Hailey and individuals like Gabby Bieber. The intensity of Kanye’s language, marked by profanity, underscored the depth of his frustration and anger towards these figures.

Moreover, Kanye’s rant wasn’t limited to the fashion industry and its affiliates. He expanded his reproach to include members of the Christian community who he felt had wronged him, particularly in matters concerning his parental rights. This aspect of his tirade added another layer to the unfolding drama, as it touched on personal and sensitive issues.

The rapid deletion of his account following the outburst has only fueled more curiosity and speculation among fans and onlookers. The nature of Kanye’s grievances, his pointed attack on Hailey Bieber, and the broader implications of his words have left many eagerly dissecting his every word, trying to piece together the backstory and implications of this latest chapter in Kanye West’s public persona.

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