Kanye West Accuses Adidas Of ‘Rape’ For Allegedly Using Colors Of Yeezy Sneakers

 Kanye West Accuses Adidas Of ‘Rape’ For Allegedly Using Colors Of Yeezy Sneakers

Source: BBC

Kanye West’s ongoing conflict with Adidas shows no signs of abating, despite a recent public appearance alongside the company’s CEO, Bjorn Gulden. Despite initial appearances of reconciliation, Kanye has leveled fresh accusations against Adidas, accusing the brand of creative infringement and likening their actions to “rape.”

The latest controversy erupted following the success of Kanye’s latest album, Vultures 1, which maintained its No. 1 position for a second consecutive week. However, rather than basking in the achievement, Kanye aimed at Adidas, alleging that the company had released unauthorized color variations of his popular Yeezy sneakers.

He asserted that Adidas was exploiting legal loopholes and using ambiguous language in contracts to exploit artists like himself. Kanye specifically criticized the promotion of Yeezy Boosts in a new “steel grey” shade, which he claimed lacked authenticity and had not been approved by him.

Despite a seemingly reconciliatory moment captured in the photo with Adidas’s CEO on February 12th, Kanye’s recent accusations indicate that tensions between the rapper and the brand persist.

In a separate development, Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign wrapped up their European Vultures listening events, during which Kanye’s daughter, North West, made a surprise appearance on stage in Paris.

The heartfelt moment saw North deliver a performance of her father’s track “Talking” from the Vultures 1 album, captivating the audience with her rendition alongside her proud father. The lyrics of her verse included lines such as “It’s your bestie, Miss Westie/ Don’t try to test me/ It’s gonna get messy.”

Vultures 1’s success on the Billboard 200, debuting at No. 1 with 148,000 equivalent album units in its opening week, underscores Kanye’s continued relevance in the music industry. Despite this achievement, Kanye’s ongoing dispute with Adidas suggests that the rift between the rapper and the brand remains unresolved, pointing towards a prolonged period of conflict ahead.

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