Justin Bieber’s pals concerned over his erratic behaviour: ‘He’s spiraling again’

 Justin Bieber’s pals concerned over his erratic behaviour: ‘He’s spiraling again’


Justin Bieber’s recent appearance at Coachella left fans and friends alike in a state of surprise and concern. The 30-year-old pop star, known for hits like “Baby,” took the stage on April 14 alongside singer Tems, marking his first public performance since he had to cancel his Justice Tour.

The event quickly captured the attention of attendees and fans worldwide, not only because of his return to the stage but also due to his notably subdued demeanor throughout the festival. Bieber’s choice of attire for the performance was unexpectedly low-key; he opted for an oversized black sweatshirt paired with extra-large khaki pants, eschewing the more flamboyant or elaborate outfits often associated with Coachella performers.

This laid-back and unassuming style added to the air of casualness he projected during his set. According to reports from In Touch Weekly, Bieber appeared fragile and somewhat detached during the event, raising concerns among some fans about his well-being. The source claimed, “He finally got his health back, but now friends are worried that he’s spiraling again.”

This reaction likely stems from Bieber’s past struggles with substance abuse, which he has been open about in recent years. In 2020, the singer candidly shared that his issues with substances had escalated to a critical point, encompassing a range of drugs including cannabis, codeine-based medications, MDMA, and mushrooms.

The intensity of these challenges led Bieber to a significant personal decision to pursue a cleaner, sober lifestyle, a journey supported by his wife, Hailey Bieber, and his broader network. His commitment to sobriety was a crucial turning point for him personally and professionally as he sought to regain control over his life and career.

Justin Bieber’s Coachella performance thus carried a weight beyond a typical music festival appearance. For many, it was not just a return to the stage but also a public testament to his ongoing personal battles and recovery. His presence at the festival, while physically subdued, highlighted his continued vulnerability and the pressures that come with a life lived in the spotlight.

This appearance at Coachella may also signal a new phase in Bieber’s career, one where his health and well-being take precedence over relentless touring and public appearances. As fans and the media continue to scrutinize his every move, Bieber’s journey underscores the complex interplay between celebrity and personal health, a dynamic that remains challenging to navigate in the high-pressure world of international pop music.

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