Julia Fox was offered ‘surgery’ by ex-Kanye West :“I’ll get you a boob job if you want.”

 Julia Fox was offered ‘surgery’ by ex-Kanye West :“I’ll get you a boob job if you want.”

(Picture Credit: Bang Showbiz & Wikimedia)

Julia Fox, the sizzling actress from “Uncut Gems,” is spilling the beans on her whirlwind romance with Kanye West in her soon-to-be-released memoir, “Down the Drain”.

In a jaw-dropping excerpt, Fox, 33, shared an intimate moment with Kanye, revealing his unexpected offer: “I’ll get you a boob job if you want.” While many might’ve jumped at the opportunity, Fox gracefully declined.

Their fleeting relationship, which started with fireworks on New Year’s Eve 2021 in Miami and sparkled during Paris Fashion Week, was short-lived. The split came after Kanye’s very public plea to reunite with his ex, Kim Kardashian. Still, the duo remains tight, with a rep confirming their status as “good friends and collaborators.”

But here’s the kicker – the steamy details of their relationship might not be what you’d expect. Fox recently made headlines by revealing the surprising lack of intimacy between the two. “It wasn’t really about that,” she divulged to The New York Times.

Eager for more dishy details on Kanye in her memoir? Think again! Fox spilled to E! News that West features in a mere six pages. “I feel like I went very lightly on it. I’m not about drama or lingering bad vibes,” she hinted.

Post-split, Fox pulled no punches about their breakup’s reasons. Pointing to glaring red flags and West’s personal issues, she candidly shared with ES Magazine, “I thought I could be his savior, but that was just my delusion.” Despite the breakup, she praised Kanye’s artistry, refusing to let his “bad moments” define him.

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