Josh Duhamel reveals why he split with Fergie

 Josh Duhamel reveals why he split with Fergie

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Josh Duhamel, reflecting on his Hollywood journey and marriage to Fergie, admits that the fame was overwhelming at times. In a recent chat on In Depth With Graham Bensinger, the 50-year-old actor shared, “Being with Fergie brought its own level of fame, and I never truly became at ease with it. I yearned for simpler times.”

Despite enjoying an eight-year marriage with Fergie, which ended in 2017, Duhamel felt a disconnection from the Hollywood glamor. He reminisced about their contrasting desires for a forever home; he hailed from North Dakota, while Fergie, the ex-Black Eyed Peas member, grew up in Southern California.

Reminiscing about their time together, Duhamel mentioned, “While we shared wonderful moments, we evolved differently over time. Yet, there’s genuine affection and respect between us.”

Highlighting his strong connection to his roots, Duhamel expressed his intent to return to North Dakota. “L.A. was a learning curve, but North Dakota is where I truly belong,” he stated, pointing out the therapeutic nature of his home state.

Now expecting a child with wife Audra Mari, the actor credits his move back to the Midwest for bringing equilibrium to his life. “This place keeps me grounded and reminds me of who I truly am,” he shared, adding, “Audra and I, we’re both deeply connected to North Dakota and cherish the serenity it offers.”

Duhamel also stressed the importance of fostering a harmonious environment for his son Axl, from his previous marriage. He and Fergie prioritize creating a comfortable space for their son, steering clear of any post-divorce complexities.

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