John Legend hits out at Donald Trump, calling him a ‘racist’John Legend hits out at Donald Trump, calling him a ‘racist’

 John Legend hits out at Donald Trump, calling him a ‘racist’John Legend hits out at Donald Trump, calling him a ‘racist’

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John Legend recently expressed his disapproval of Donald Trump’s remarks about the legal system during a new interview with MSNBC. The Grammy-winning artist, known not only for his musical talent but also for his activism, offered a candid critique of the former U.S. President’s views, which he found troubling.

The interview, which provided Legend with a platform to discuss a range of topics, prominently featured his reaction to Trump’s comments. While Legend has often used his public presence to speak on social and political issues, this particular instance saw him directly addressing the implications of Trump’s statements, which he perceives as harmful to the understanding and integrity of the U.S. legal system.

“He’s made it clear throughout his life that Black people are inferior, he believes that to his core, in his bones,” said the musician. Legend continued, “But also when you hear some of the stray comments he makes, he clearly believes in a genetic hierarchy of humanity and is racially determined.”

“So, he is a tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool racist,” stated the 45-year-old. Legend noted, “I don’t want to hear what he says to say about what he’s done for black people.” “He’s done very little for us and he is at his core, truly, truly a racist,” stated the musician.

Legend believed that Trump “benefitted from the legal system”, explaining, “There is a two-tiered justice system, but not in the way that he thinks. He’s the beneficiary, absolutely the fact that he’s out in the world, that’s not normal for a lot of people.”

The singer added, “He’s gotten away with a lot for a long time, he’s been a fraudster for a long time, he’s been cheating people for a long time, he’s been lying for a long time and he’s actually been litigating for a long time.” Meanwhile, Legend had a long history of criticizing the former president, and even in the past, the singer earlier called out Trump “a flaming racist”.

Legend argued that Trump’s remarks could potentially undermine public trust in judicial processes, a cornerstone of democratic governance. He emphasized the importance of respecting the legal system’s role in upholding justice and accountability, especially at a time when public institutions face increasing scrutiny and skepticism.

The context of Trump’s comments was not detailed in Legend’s response, but it is clear that the singer took issue with what he interpreted as a casual or dismissive attitude toward legal principles. This is not the first time Legend has engaged in political discourse, nor is it his first public disagreement with Donald Trump. Previously, Legend has been vocal about various social justice issues, advocating for reforms in areas such as criminal justice and education.

In the MSNBC interview, Legend also touched upon the broader impact of political leadership on societal norms and values, expressing concern over the potential long-term effects of misleading or divisive rhetoric emanating from high-profile figures. He called for leaders and the public alike to commit to a more informed and respectful dialogue around the legal system and its operations.

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