“Isn’t It Past Your Jail Time” Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump at the Oscars Following Social Media Rant

 “Isn’t It Past Your Jail Time” Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Donald Trump at the Oscars Following Social Media Rant

( Jimmy Kimmel/Youtube

At the 96th Academy Awards, former President Donald Trump found himself the butt of jokes following a critical post he made about the event’s host, Jimmy Kimmel, on Truth Social. In his post, Trump derided Kimmel’s hosting performance, prompting a humorous retort from Kimmel during the live broadcast on March 11, 2024, as reported by The Guardian.

Kimmel read Trump’s critique aloud, playfully questioning which former president would pen such a comment and then jesting about Trump’s legal troubles to the amusement of the audience. This humorous exchange occurred amid a backdrop of Trump grappling with 91 criminal indictments, casting a shadow over his once-dominant political presence.

The audience, including Hollywood luminaries like Margot Robbie, Annette Bening, and Jodie Foster, visibly enjoyed the moment, reflecting a broader sentiment of relief and amusement at Trump’s expense. The incident at the Oscars adds to a series of public challenges for Trump, from his contested election claims to ongoing legal woes, underscoring a decline in his public influence. Critics of Trump argue that his social media endeavors, meant to assert his relevance, instead highlight a struggle to remain in the public eye.

The incident is seen by many as a fitting rebuke to Trump’s polarizing actions and statements during his presidency, symbolizing a broader societal shift away from his contentious legacy. The Oscars moment, therefore, not only provided levity but also symbolized a collective move forward, with Trump’s era increasingly viewed through the rearview mirror.

Responding to the same, Mr Kimmel thanked Mr Trump for watching the ceremony before asking, “Isn’t it past your jail time?”, potentially referring to Mr Trump’s multiple legal cases ranging from financial fraud to election interference. The audience instantly cheered and laughed after hearing the statement. 

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