Jimmy Kimmel Contemplates Ending Late-Night TV Run as He Discusses Future Plans and Hobbies

 Jimmy Kimmel Contemplates Ending Late-Night TV Run as He Discusses Future Plans and Hobbies

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File)

Jimmy Kimmel is pondering the end of his tenure on late-night television. At 56, the host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” hinted in a conversation with the Los Angeles Times that his current contract with ABC might be his last. Despite previous instances where he thought about stepping down only to continue, Kimmel feels the remaining two years on his contract might be the right duration to conclude his late-night journey.

Kimmel, who has been a staple in late-night TV, shared on the Strike Force Five podcast, alongside peers like Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, that the idea of leaving has crossed his mind multiple times. He recounted a particularly exhausting night during preparations for the Oscars, where the sheer volume of work made him long for the end of his contract.

Despite these moments of fatigue, Kimmel acknowledged the fluctuating nature of his feelings. Breaks during the summer or periods like the writers’ strike often reignite his passion for the “fun stuff” associated with the show. Yet, the thought of what lies beyond hosting intrigues him.

Kimmel humorously speculated on potential retirement activities, ranging from learning Italian to fly fishing. However, he admitted to not having a clear vision for his post-show life, expressing a desire to pursue various interests and hobbies, including cooking, drawing, and possibly sculpting.

He reflected on the inevitability of unfulfilled aspirations, foreseeing a moment at the end of his life where he’ll lament the things he didn’t get to do. This introspection reveals Kimmel’s contemplation of life beyond the spotlight, indicating that his future might involve exploring personal passions away from the public eye.

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