Jennifer Aniston prepares to disclose real reason behind Brad Pitt’s divorce

 Jennifer Aniston prepares to disclose real reason behind Brad Pitt’s divorce


For a considerable period, Jennifer Aniston held back from revealing the more personal and painful chapters of her life story. The beloved actress, known for her role in “Life of Crime” among other significant works, has always maintained a level of privacy regarding her personal struggles. However, in a candid revelation, Aniston admitted that she, too, had her share of deep-seated sorrows and traumas that she chose not to make public for many years.

“Nope I’m still living it,” she said when asked in 2021 if she would ever write a biography, similar to her persona on The Morning Show. However, the actress changed her attitude towards the idea just after a year. Regarding writing about her own journey, she declared, “I’m going to do that one day. I’m going to stop saying, ‘I can’t write.’”

After years of remaining mum about extensive speculations regarding the reasons for the actual failure of her marriage to Brad Pitt, the extent of her plastic surgery, and the true reason she hasn’t yet begun a family, “Jen is finally ready to tell all,” a source reported by In Touch Weekly.

The Friends star actually acknowledged the fact that life is short after Matthew Perry’s death: “She realized life is short, so why not do it now?” And Aniston, who has practiced daily gratitude journaling for years, “is going to do it right — nothing is off-limits,” revealed the source, who has had a first look at an early manuscript. “It’s secrets she’s never told.’”

Aniston recently opened up about her decision to keep these aspects of her life under wraps. She described feeling a state of “shock” that paralleled the surprise of her fans and the general public when they eventually learned about the challenges she faced. This shock wasn’t just about revealing her struggles, but also about acknowledging them to herself and dealing with the implications of her experiences on both her personal life and her career.

Especially about her broken relationship with Pitt, “Jen knows people want to hear all about her love affair with Brad and the truth about their divorce, especially since Brad and Angelina have now split and Jen and Brad have reconnected,” the source said of the couple, who married in 2000 and announced their separation in 2005 shortly before Brad’s romance with his Mr & Mrs. Smith costar, 48, come under the limelight.

“I’d be a robot if I said I didn’t feel moments of anger, of hurt, of embarrassment,” she confessed, famously suggesting that when it comes to Brad, 60, there was “a sensitivity chip that’s missing.” The star then admitted honestly the wounds started to heal. “It’s so vague at this point. It’s so far away in my mind, I can’t even remember the darkness,” she insisted in 2008. “I don’t regret any of it. It was a beautiful, complicated relationship.”

The reasons behind her reticence are multi-faceted. Hollywood, with its glaring spotlight, often amplifies personal issues, sometimes leading to unwelcome scrutiny and sensationalism. For Aniston, maintaining her privacy was not only a way to protect herself from the invasive tabloid culture but also a means to manage her narrative on her own terms, choosing when and how details of her life are shared with the world.

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