Jennifer Lopez Frustrated Over ‘Difficult’ Label in Marriage with Ben Affleck ‘He’s Always in a Bad Mood’

 Jennifer Lopez Frustrated Over ‘Difficult’ Label in Marriage with Ben Affleck ‘He’s Always in a Bad Mood’

Image Source: Getty / Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

Jennifer Lopez has reportedly expressed her disappointment over being labeled as the ‘difficult’ one in her marriage with Ben Affleck. According to RadarOnline, the “Ain’t Your Mama” singer is frustrated with the unfair title given to her by the media.

A source close to Lopez defended her, pointing fingers at Affleck, who often appeared in a “bad mood,” especially during their marital problems. The report revealed that Affleck has been in an “irritable mode” due to his busy filming schedule for the upcoming action film The Accountant 2 and dealing with persistent divorce rumors.

An insider stated, “…Ben’s actually got the attitude problem and always has a dark cloud hanging over his head, even when things are going great.” “Getting a smile or a laugh out of him is basically impossible when he’s in this grumpy, irritable mode. It’s probably not a wise decision for him to keep working while all these headlines are coming out about his personal life,” the source shared.

An insider suggested that Affleck should “take a month off and focus on relaxing and recharging.” Previously, People magazine reported that Affleck moved his belongings out of the multimillion-dollar mansion he shares with Lopez. This move fueled speculation about the state of their relationship.

Additionally, a report by Fox News Digital claimed that the marriage of Hollywood’s power couple is “completely over.” Lopez’s frustration with the “difficult” label highlights the challenges and public scrutiny faced by the couple. As they navigate their personal and professional lives, the spotlight remains on them, intensifying the pressures of their high-profile relationship.

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