Jennifer Lopez Finds Support in Jennifer Garner Amid Marital Struggles with Ben Affleck “We Both Have His Best Interests at Heart”

 Jennifer Lopez Finds Support in Jennifer Garner Amid Marital Struggles with Ben Affleck “We Both Have His Best Interests at Heart”

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Jennifer Lopez has found solace in an unexpected ally—her husband Ben Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner—as the couple navigates marital problems, a source revealed. According to a recent report, the Elektra star reached out to the Shotgun Wedding actress to offer support, recognizing that they both have Affleck’s best interests at heart.

Amid speculations that Lopez and Affleck might soon announce their divorce, it has been claimed that the Gone Girl star is leaning on his ex-wife for support. Affleck is reportedly spending much of his time at Garner’s home, where he also connects with their three children: Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, while navigating an ‘imminent’ divorce from Lopez.

However, she recently contacted JLo after they both “realized they ultimately have Ben’s best interests at heart,” the source told Heat Magazine. Speaking of Lopez’s reaction to Garner’s support, they said she “knows it may seem bizarre,” but “she feels secure with Jennifer and insists that it’s far better she was involved – for now – to avoid her and Ben getting too emotional and ending up in another argument.” The insider also said that Lopez fears that her divorce from Affleck “could potentially become one of Hollywood’s ugliest divorces, which would be her worst nightmare.”

Despite being romantically involved with John Miller and very happy in their relationship, Garner cannot help but care for Affleck. She fears he might relapse, showing her continued concern for his well-being.

The source shared, “Jennifer Garner has always been a pillar of support for Ben, and even though they’ve moved on in their personal lives, her care for him as the father of their children remains steadfast.” The report highlights how Garner’s involvement is primarily for the well-being of their children and ensuring Affleck remains stable during this challenging time.

Lopez and Affleck’s marital struggles have been the subject of public speculation for some time. Their whirlwind romance and subsequent marriage had been a media sensation, but recent reports suggest that the couple has been facing significant issues.

Lopez, known for her resilience and determination, has been reportedly doing her best to hold things together. However, the strain has been apparent, leading her to find unexpected support in Garner. The source added, “It’s been a tough time for Jennifer Lopez, but having Jennifer Garner’s support has been a comfort. They both want what’s best for Ben and their families.”

The dynamic between Lopez, Affleck, and Garner underscores a complex but supportive relationship that prioritizes family and well-being over past differences. Garner’s concern for Affleck, despite their divorce, reflects her commitment to his health and their shared responsibility as co-parents.

As rumors of an impending divorce continue to circulate, the focus remains on how the family unit navigates this difficult period. Affleck’s reliance on Garner, coupled with Lopez’s resilience, paints a picture of a family striving to support one another through thick and thin.

In the midst of personal turmoil, the connection between Lopez and Garner offers a unique narrative of solidarity and shared concern, showcasing that sometimes, unexpected alliances can provide the strength needed to face life’s toughest challenges.

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