Jennifer Garner and John Miller ‘scared to formalize’ their relationship: Report

 Jennifer Garner and John Miller ‘scared to formalize’ their relationship: Report


Jennifer Garner is reportedly postponing her wedding to boyfriend John Miller due to wedding jitters. A source revealed to the National Enquirer that although the couple has been engaged for a considerable time, their close friends initially believed they would marry this summer in California.

Jennifer and John began dating in 2018, three years after Jennifer’s separation from her former husband, Ben Affleck. John shares two children with his ex-wife, violinist Caroline Campbell, while Jennifer has three children with Ben.

However, the source stated, “Now those plans have cooled because they’re both scared to pull the trigger and formalize what they have.” “John is such a shy and private guy — which is something Jen loves about him — but the worry is that once they’re married the pressure might do them in!” explained an insider.

Another source revealed John and Jennifer wanted to have “low-key romantic dates in places where people tend to leave them alone, away from the main drag of Los Angeles”.

But the couple also believed that the “peace and quiet would end the minute they upgrade their status to Just Married”. “John will be Mr. Jen Garner and all eyes will be on him,” remarked an insider.

The source told the outlet, “There will be all these weighted expectations, so you can understand why they’re hesitant to take that step.” “They insist they still want to make things official. But they may keep the wedding on the back burner for a little longer!” continued an insider.

The source mentioned, “The couple were going to formally announce their secret engagement and even getting ready to send out wedding invitations.”

The source mentioned that Jennifer and John still intend to formalize their relationship, but they might delay the wedding a bit longer. Despite these plans, Jennifer appears to have reconsidered the timing of their nuptials. She realized she was not in a rush to walk down the aisle with John.

Even though the wedding is being put on hold, the insider emphasizes that Jennifer is deeply in love with Miller. The decision to delay seems to be a thoughtful choice rather than a reflection of their feelings for each other.

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