Jennifer Aniston would ‘totally date’ Bradley Cooper if Gigi Hadid was not in the picture

 Jennifer Aniston would ‘totally date’ Bradley Cooper if Gigi Hadid was not in the picture


Jennifer Aniston reportedly harbors romantic feelings for Bradley Cooper, her co-star from “He’s Just Not That Into You,” despite the current involvement of Cooper with supermodel Gigi Hadid. This intriguing detail emerged during the Screen Actors Guild Awards, where Aniston and Cooper, known for their roles in “Friends” and “Maestro” respectively, captured attention with their seemingly intimate interactions onstage.

A source close to the situation shared insights with Life & Style, noting the undeniable connection between Aniston and Cooper. “Jen has always had a thing for Bradley. When she’s around him, there’s no denying it,” the source remarked, highlighting the palpable chemistry between the two actors.

“It’s the kind of touch you give somebody to indicate familiarity,” a body language expert, Patti Wood, said of Aniston and Cooper’s chemistry during the award show. “They know each other well, and they’re comfortable with intimate touch,” she added. “He appreciates how good Jen looks, and she’s bringing him in closer.”

This isn’t the first time rumors about their potential romantic involvement have circulated. Following their collaboration on the 2009 romantic comedy, there was widespread speculation about their relationship. However, Cooper was quick to dispel such rumors, insisting that their relationship was strictly platonic.

Despite Cooper’s current relationship with Hadid, which began in October of the previous year, the insider suggests that Aniston would be open to exploring a romantic relationship with Cooper if the opportunity arose. The source emphasized Aniston’s interest, stating, “She would date him.”

“Gigi doesn’t know Jen, but she’s heard enough,” the tipster claimed, adding that while the supermodel would never tell Cooper who to be friends with, “she’d rather he and Jen didn’t hang out.”

On the other hand, Hadid seems unshaken by these revelations, with the source indicating her lack of interest in “sharing her man with anyone.” This complex web of relationships and potential interests paints a picture of the intricate personal dynamics that can exist among Hollywood’s elite, leaving fans and observers speculating about the possible outcomes of these intertwined connections.

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