“It Really Hasn’t Made It Any Easier” Jennifer Aniston Struggles with the Loss of Friend and Co-Star Matthew Perry

 “It Really Hasn’t Made It Any Easier” Jennifer Aniston Struggles with the Loss of Friend and Co-Star Matthew Perry


Months after the tragic passing of Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston is reportedly still grappling with the loss of her close friend and “Friends” co-star. According to Closer Magazine, Aniston’s deep connection with Perry has made his death particularly hard to accept, and she continues to mourn his loss with the support of another fellow co-star, Courteney Cox.

“A lot of people don’t realize how close Jen and Matthew were because she didn’t broadcast how much she stuck by him,” a source close to Aniston revealed. Throughout Perry’s struggles with addiction, Aniston remained a steadfast presence in his life. “She was one of the only people that would still reach out to him even when he was deep in the grip of his addiction and pushing everyone away,” the source added.

The emotional toll of Perry’s death has been significant for Aniston, who has found it challenging to move past the grief. “Even though it’s been more than six months since he died, it really hasn’t made it any easier for her, she keeps tearing up and asking herself how it happened,” the insider shared.

Perry’s death in October last year was a result of drowning in his bathtub, a situation that was compounded by the discovery of Ketamine in his system, according to the autopsy report. This revelation sparked a scandal, reopening wounds for those who were close to him. Aniston found the emergence of these details particularly distressing. Describing the autopsy report and the ensuing media attention as ‘horrible,’ she felt that it rehashed the pain of Perry’s death by highlighting “further evidence that he didn’t have to die.”

This period of mourning has seen Aniston supported by Cox, who also starred in “Friends” and understands the depth of Aniston’s bond with Perry. The duo’s shared history on the iconic sitcom has given Cox a unique perspective and ability to provide comfort during this challenging time.

As Aniston continues to navigate her grief, her struggle underscores the profound impact Perry had on her life and the lives of those around him. The loss of such a significant figure in her life has not only been a personal blow but a reminder of the deep connections formed off-screen among the cast of one of television’s most beloved shows.

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