Jason Momoa’s Friends Express Concern Over His Well-Being Amidst Personal and Professional Struggles Post-Divorce

 Jason Momoa’s Friends Express Concern Over His Well-Being Amidst Personal and Professional Struggles Post-Divorce

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Jason Momoa, the well-known Hawaiian actor, has recently become a subject of concern among his friends due to challenges in both his personal and professional life. According to a source speaking with the National Enquirer, those close to Momoa are worried about his well-being in the aftermath of these difficulties.

The concerns intensified following Momoa’s lighthearted comment about being homeless after his divorce, which was perceived seriously by his inner circle.

Reports have suggested that the split from his wife had a profound impact on him, a detail that was inadvertently revealed in psychiatrist session notes from Amber Heard, Momoa’s co-star in “Aquaman.” These notes, brought to light during legal proceedings involving Heard, indicated that Momoa was often late for the movie’s shoots and there were allegations that he was under the influence of alcohol when he did arrive on set.

A close friend of Momoa’s shared with the outlet about the depth of his affection for his ex-wife, Lisa Bonet, and how her absence has profoundly affected him. The friend described the impact as devastating, likening it to being hit by “a ton of bricks.”

Another source noted that even after a year since the separation, Momoa appears to have not found his footing, seemingly adrift without a permanent base. This sense of rootlessness is a stark contrast to his previously settled life.

The report from the outlet also detailed the progress made by Momoa and Bonet in their divorce proceedings. They reportedly agreed to custody and child support, following Bonet’s official filing for divorce on January 8. According to new court documents obtained by Radar Online, Momoa and Bonet have exchanged all necessary financial information, including tax statements and bank records, as part of their divorce settlement.

The court filings also revealed that the former couple had entered into a written agreement addressing their property and marital rights, including matters of support. This agreement is either being or has already been submitted to the court for approval.

Furthermore, in an unusual move for high-profile divorces, Momoa and Bonet have requested the court’s approval of their agreement without engaging divorce lawyers to mediate. They filed the necessary documents, indicating a desire to handle the matter privately and amicably. This approach reflects their mutual respect and the amicable nature of their separation, despite the personal challenges it has posed for Momoa.

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