Jannie Lindemulder arrested for harassment

 Jannie Lindemulder arrested for harassment

Janine Lindemulder Arrested Entertainment NewsThings seem to be going swiftly for Jasse James after divorce with ex-wife but it seems things are totally opposite for Jannie Lindemulder.

First she was ordered by a judge to continue their custody dispute for daughter Sunny in Texas instead of California, and now she’s been arrested for harassment.

Lindemulder’s attorney Richard Masson, while explaining the reason for her arrest told that as soon as his client arrived back in Texas, James went to the police and had an arrest warrant reissued for her.

Masson explained that the problem raised from the fact that the only number Lindemulder was given to reach Sunny was her cell phone, which was going constantly going off and Lindemulder resorted to calling James.

After James broke up with Kat Von D, Lindemulder left multiple messages on James‘ phone, and he subsequently took them to the police to have her cited with harassment.

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