Former ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Star Ian Ziering Involved in Altercation with Motorbike Group in Los Angeles

 Former ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Star Ian Ziering Involved in Altercation with Motorbike Group in Los Angeles

Photo: ThePostGame on YouTube

Former star of the television show “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Ian Ziering, found himself embroiled in a physical altercation with a group of motorcyclists in Los Angeles this past Sunday.

A video, which has surfaced from TMZ, shows several individuals on compact motorized bikes converging around Ziering’s vehicle on Hollywood Boulevard. This confrontation escalated when Ziering exited his vehicle.

The actor was seen striking one of the bikers who had positioned their bike directly in front of his car. The specific circumstances leading to Ziering’s reaction, including whether there was a prior collision involving one of the bikes and his vehicle, remain unclear.

Sources from TMZ suggest that Ziering’s car might have been hit before the escalation of the situation into physical violence.

Ziering appeared to knock down one of the bikers, who was wearing a helmet. Following this, several other bikers began to engage physically with the actor known for his role in “Sharknado.” At one point, four individuals were seen assaulting him.

The actor then attempted to escape the scene by running across a street, pursued by the helmeted and masked assailants.

Despite attempts by one biker to grab him and another’s effort to trip him, Ziering managed to reach the sidewalk. However, the confrontation continued as he navigated between parked cars, with multiple bikers, including a female participant, trying to strike him.

Eventually, Ziering succeeded in escaping the fracas and returned to his vehicle, driving away from the scene. Notably, the police were not called to the incident.

Representatives for Ian Ziering have not yet responded to inquiries for comments about the incident. Additionally, Ziering has not made any public statements on social media following the event.

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