Hugh Hefner over with his Party Lifestyle

 Hugh Hefner over with his Party Lifestyle

Hugh HefnerPlayboy owner Hugh Hefner has given up his wild party lifestyle and now prefers to sleep early in the night with a glass of milk.

According to two ex-girlfriends, Hugh, 84, spends his nights sorting out scrapbooks and watching black and white films.

Blondes Karissa and Kristina Shannon, both 20, have also revealed that Hefner, who once said that he uses Viagra to keep his sex life active, is also going deaf and now religiously eats the same three meals every day.

“I became his girlfriend because I wanted to go to parties and go crazy,” said Karissa adding, “But before long I realized living with Hefner was more like being in a golden prison. I had to watch boring old films most of the time. In the end I had to get out before I went crazy,”

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