Topless Girls Party New Pictures of Sara Leal at Ashton Kutcher’s Hot Tub Party

 Topless Girls Party New Pictures of Sara Leal at Ashton Kutcher’s Hot Tub Party

In one photograph, she smiles like the all-American girl as if butter-wouldn’t melt. In the next, Sara Leal has pulled her bikini top up and strips for the camera in a series of provocative poses sure to rile Demi Moore. New pictures of Ashton Kutcher’s rumoured fling have surfaced, along with the other girls said to have taken part in the alleged hot tub party at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego last Friday. Sara LealThe quintet – Ashton, Sara Leal Marta Borzuchowski, Katie Boggus and Alexis Williams – are believed to have shared a debauched night on the evening before his sixth wedding anniversary with wife Moore. Further pictures will cause Kutcher another setback, as exclusive inside snaps from the hotel are splashed across the cover of US magazine Star. His marriage is said to be under severe strain, with Radar reporting an estimated $290 million divorce could be in the pipeline, The latest leaked pictures do not paint Leal in an attractive light, despite her gorgeous and youthful looks.

Sara Leal hotInstead, they portray a girl trying to emulate the life of a Playboy bunny by partying in Las Vegas and seemingly taking her clothes off at any given opportunity to attract attention. The photographs were taken earlier this year during a promotions trip with 74 other good-looking women from San Diego. As she poses with brunette friend Deena Omari, the two girls are wearing identical dresses over their bikinis emblazoned with the suggestive slogan ‘Night Access‘. Since the news broke, Leal has been keeping a low profile at her home in Texas.

Sara Leal hot picThe blonde bombshell allegedly said she will won’t ‘spill the beans’ on The Butterfly Effect actor for less than $250,000, but is hoping she’ll receive a similar offer from him to keep quiet and fade away. Demi, 48, is said to be completely distraught at the claims, struggling to maintain her weight and worryingly dropping below seven stone. She has also been typing cryptic messages on Twitter, saying:

Sara Leal party pic‘When we are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger. -Epictetus’ A story in Grazia magazine made the claims, using quotes from a witness who allegedly saw the Indecent Proposal star at a cancer fundraiser event in New York. The source alleged: ‘She looked so scarily skinny. Her hip bones were jutting out so much, you could see the outline under her dress. She made Jennifer Aniston look big.’  Dailymail

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