Top 5 Most Overrated Hot Girls In The World

 Top 5 Most Overrated Hot Girls In The World

Here are huge number of sexy, beautiful and hot girls in the Universe but here we see some Top Most Overrated Hot Girls In The World.

The Hills Girls:

The Hills Girls Overrated Hot Girls In The World

Why People Think They’re Hot: The Hills girls are Popular, famous and considered hottest because they are top on The Hills.It gives all of them so popularity and then allows most of them to get plastic surgery and look even Sexiest and hotter.

Reason of Overrated: These all are super sexiest but specially Heidi. They all looks like the kind of super girls you had hook up with at club  and then forget to call next day. even she all knows why they are so famous and popular and why they have been around as long as they deserved.

Paris Hilton:

paris hilton Image

Why People Think She is Hot: This girl has been riding it all the way to the bank since her famous sex tape was leaked online. she out to anyone that will pay her to do something. She had a huge number of reality TV shows and movies she has a clothing line and she paid huge amounts of money to work  for a club opening.

Reason Why She’s Overrated: This girl a plain Jane who is far too skinny. She is also everything that is wrong with Hollywood gossip and the celebrity fueled world we live in.

Hayden Panettiere:

Hayden Panettiere
Why People Think She’s Hot: Hayden Panettiere role on Heroes is a man ultimate fantasy. She is cheerleader in high school with super natural powers. That’s Enough said.

Reason Why She’s Overrated: She  is everywhere. She is cute but accurately she is not the hot girl tramping about the  Hollywood. It can’t help that all the attention has comes to Hayden head.

Cameron Diaz:

cameron diaz

Why People Think She’s Hot: She is former model and  now one of most Hollywood bankable female actress. She was looking super hot in The Mask and really scrubs up herself  pretty well.

Reason Why She’s Overrated: The main  problem with Diaz is she showing her age but she is totally ignoring it and that is  the kind of tragedy. She is firstly started her character from Shrek.

Adrianne Curry:

adrianne curry

Why People Think She’s Hot: She wins the season of America Next Super Top Model. She is much pretty living of American’s dream.

Reason Why She’s Overrated: really, how did she wins America Next Top Model.  Curry looks likes be busing tables or she works at a road side gas station in the Florida.


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