A Sexier Hot Tempered British Model Naomi Campbell

 A Sexier Hot Tempered British Model Naomi Campbell

naomi campbell British ModelNaomi Campbell hot British model has stunningly performed in her career, with all her talents she proved herself in the top three most popular models at the end of 1980s and the start of 1990. But it is seen mostly that hot girl Naomi Campbell also hot in temper, due to which she face problems in many occasions.

Naomi Campbell was born on 22nd of the May 1970 in the South London; Naomi has ideal body size and mostly known as exotic leggy supermodel. With the Measurements: 32-33-32 and weight 125lb or 57kg and height 5ft 9.6in, She avoids alcohol and loves lettuce and light coke, she says “I love fruits especially pineapples”. According to her she doesn’t believes that size zero can be the sign of success of any model. She quoted,  “I don’t believe in size zero. I am the size I am, I don’t diet. Fashion is healthy; girls have healthy things to eat backstage. You can’t blame the industry for a psychological disease. It is a disease, like alcohol or drugs, and the industry is not to blame.”

Bu the hot girl loves to do exercises, her routine exercises programs are swimming or jogging for 20 minutes, weight lifting and kick boxing.

Hot model Naomi Campbell has ageless figure that still at the age of 41 she looks so young and sexy. The incredibly hot girl was the best model at Elle style awards in London, she proved that models do have well managed careers. She was looking as young as no one can say that the hot girl has 20 years of experience in modeling.

Modeling is Naomi Campbell childhood passion as at the age of seven in 1978 she gave her first on air appearance when she performed in the video ‘Is This Love’.  She actually got huge popularity when she got the credit of first black model for the French vogue at her age of 18.

Naomi Campbell is not only listed in hot girls, she has shown her talent in singing and acting. She performed in several music videos and in films too especially hot fame in Miami Rhapsody and Cool as Ice.

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