Maria Fowler hits Marbella tan and Perfect Location bikini Selfies

 Maria Fowler hits Marbella tan and Perfect Location bikini Selfies

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Maria Fowler has some of the best curves in showbiz this side of a Kardashian and on holiday in Marbella, Spain she wasn’t afraid to let everyone see them either. The 27-year-old has been topping up her tan at the Sisu boutique hotel where she likes to stay every year posting:

Maria Fowler and Tiani Cole
Maria Fowler parties on in Marbella with best pal Tiani Cole by her side

‘It’s like a yearly reunion here. Know everyone so happy. Decent friends all looking after the fowler.’ Of course she has also found a little spare time to take bikini selfies and holiday snaps with her best mate, Tiani Cole, who just so happens to be an underwear model. Glamour model Maria Fowler looked her usually dazzling self as she exposed acres of flesh in a shiny golden-esque bikini accessorised with bold gold medal zips. As the two frolicked in the sunshine, Maria Fowler was contently sucking on a drink of sorts looking very much like she was having the time of her life, if not the vacation of her life. ‘Ready to roll Marbella,’

Maria Fowler photos
Maria and Tia sunned themselves at their glamorous boutique hotel

Maria Fowler posted as she was on her way to the beloved Spanish holiday hotspot. Before her trip to Spain Maria had posted ‘half hour sleep. Up and at em’ which seemed to suggest that she hadn’t had very much sleep of late. Little wonder that party animal Maria Fowler felt so inclined to post: ‘feel like I spend most of my life in airports’ soon after Maria later posted a selection of sexy photos of herself with pal Tia who she called ‘my beaut’. ‘Sunbathing. Again.’ she posted on Friday afternoon accompanied by a photo of herself in the shimmy eye catching swimsuit.

Maria Fowler
Maria was looking tanned and relaxed on her Spanish sun vacation

It appears that Maria Fowler was sipping on energy drinks her holiday in Marbella, which follows on from her declaration in February that she was going to quit alcohol, especially after she was glassed by a man in a nightclub. ‘In the past 2 weeks I have been glassed by a man and also verbally abused when out and never received hostility like that before,’ she tweeted at the time. ‘I’m not going to become as successful as I wish and also meet the right person to settle down with in nightclubs. ‘I drink way too much,’ she continued. ‘A lot more than I should and it’s not good for my mind or body. So that’s my decision. It may not last forever but it suits me now.’ ‘

Maria Fowler images
Maria’s shimmery bikini showed off all her best attributes

I am officially becoming T-Total,’ she declared emphatically ‘Quitting alcohol. Been thinking about trying to do this for a while and recently I have realised it’s the right time to do it.’ ‘My business is doing well and waiting for the weekend every week is not going to help me progress in my Tanning company. And now we have so many colleges booked in with our training courses it seems the perfect time to hang up my Louboutins and quit alcohol.’ Judging from her holiday snaps it looks like the glamour model is having the time of her life regardless of what she may be sipping, as long as Maria Fowler is drinking in that Spanish sunshine. -dailymail

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