Hot girls, A Man’s Eye View

 Hot girls, A Man’s Eye View

hot girls a mens eye viewBoys possess different definitions and views about hotness when it comes to girls. You never know what might attract boys when they look at girls. Hotness is perceived differently by different boys.

How we declare a girl hot? It can be the hair, the eyes, the face, the figure, or even just a hot gesture. It looks like it’s hard to identify the hotness when it comes to girls. Among all of the determinants of hotness, it gets difficult to decide on what basis we define a hot girl.

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When it comes to girls, we have to ask ourselves that what is it that we see first when we see a girl. Is it their legs that we observe, is it their eyes we stare, is it their hair we appreciate, is it their dress we value, or is it their figure that tempt us. Once we have decided upon this question, now we can make the task easier by just concentrate on particular part of the body. [contentblock id=3 img=gcb.png]

Generally speaking, majority of boys give priority to the figure of girls and the way they carry themselves. Girls wearing low tops and short skirts always attract boys. This can be observed that boys can call a girl hot by not even looking at their face sometimes e.g. there is this girl standing in front of a boy facing in the opposite direction and the girls wearing skinny jeans and a low top, assuming she has a perfect body, boy will definitely “She’s Hot”.  Trust me boys do think like this when it comes to girls.

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Everyone wants to look hot, especially when it comes to girls. To look hot is the best a girl can wish for. Girls must maintain a good body, wear attractive outfits, do their hair nicely and have a smart smile on their faces. That is what boys call a hot girl.

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