Cher Stuns fans with daring outfits during live Show Including heart Shaped NIPPLE PASTIES

 Cher Stuns fans with daring outfits during live Show Including heart Shaped NIPPLE PASTIES

She is one of pop music’s ultimate showgirls. And, to prove it, 67 year-old Cher took the stage in Boston, Massachusetts, on Thursday in a variety of dramatic costumes which left fans stunned. The ever-youthful singer endured six costume changes during the aptly-named Dressed To Kill tour, including a diamond-encrusted fringed dress with nipple pasties. Cher stuns photosCompleting the look with a platinum blonde wig and fishnet stockings, the hit-maker – whose anthems include Believe, Turn Back Time and I Got You Babe – cut a fabulous figure. Clearly appealing in part to her gay audience, Cher stuns ensured her latest stage show was both camp and cool. One outfit saw her dressed like Cleopatra, complete with feathered head-dress, while another saw her sport a native Indian costume.

Cher stuns imagesDelighting fans further, she even wore her iconic ensemble from the 1989 If I Could Turn Back Time video, which saw her sport a sheer, full-length body stocking with a diamond-encrusted finish, leather biker jacket, thong and knee-high boots. Impressively, she looked hardly any different to when she debuted the look more than 25 years ago when she filmed the famous video on board the battleship USS Missouri.

Cher stunsShe later changed into a flattering black wig, complete with a corset and pink sating-lined jacket, before transforming into a stunning incarnation of Beyonce Knowles, in which she wore a blonde wig. The spectacle is part of a major tour of America and Canada, which will see her on the road until November. Fortunately, the range of looks will at least quell rumours about her identity as a woman. In December, last year, a book claimed that Cher stuns once had to reassure fans that she was not born male because of her deep voice.

Cher stunsThe singer hired a secretary to write letters to anyone who inquired about her gender in a bid to quash rumours that were circulating. One stark response to a fan in 1965 read: Cher stuns we assure you, is a girl.’ Cher, pictured, was 19 and married to Sonny Bono, 30, when they recorded hits such as ‘I got you babe’. But their success also brought vicious rumours about her gender, writes Josiah Howard in Cher stuns Strong Enough.

Cher stuns musicHe wrote: ‘Just three months after they hit the big time, Sonny and Cher stuns… secretary was charged with responding to each and every inquiry, even those from fans, to refute the rumour. The 1965 letter continues: ‘As for Cher’s singing voice being too low: I think you will find that a lot of great female singers have low voices.’ ‘Tell your mom that Cher is just a very slim, very pretty girl with a low voice. I think if you listen closer, you will find a lot of feminine quality in her voice.’  -Dailymail

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