Carmen Electra

 Carmen Electra

Carmen ElectraCarmen Electra is the hottie from the very famous TV serial Baywatch and people love her for the ultimate sexy looks she possesses. This blonde has stolen the hearts of many through her hot looks and extremely glamorous modeling talents. She has appeared in a number of magazines, particularly Playboy and here is more to her life!

The real name of Carmen Electra is Tara Leigh Patrick and she is an American born model basically. She was born in Ohio to parents Patricia and Harry who were also a part of the entertainment industry, her father being a guitarist and mother being a singer. Carmen Electra was born with really sexy looks which was the prime reason for her gaining so much of fame in the modeling and acting world. Her appearances in a number of fashion magazines are a proof of her gorgeous and sexy looks.

Many people have given Carmen Electra the title of the Sex Goddess as her sex appeal is only increasing with time. She has the perfect body to get men’s hearts racing. Carmen Electra has also claimed that she loves grabbing attention for her sexy looks as she enjoys it thoroughly. Carmen Electra is not only sexy, but she is extremely talented too. Her early life states that she attended School for Creative and Performing Arts at a very young age. She wanted to become a singer a Choreographer and she attended special classes at her school for both of these talents.

Carmen Electra has even proven her acting talents as her appearances in TV show Baywatch, Singled out and Loveline were really famous. She soon turned towards doing films and appeared in a number of parody films including Scary Movie, Date Movie, Epic Movie, and Disaster Movie long with Meet the Spartans. Carmen Electra was an eye candy for all those who watched these movies as she was a true sex Goddess and looked extremely sexy in all her appearances.

Carmen Electra gained the maximum fame when she appeared a lot many times in and on the Playboy magazines which is read all around the world. Her sexy looks made her grab the cover of Playboy Magazine more than four times. Carmen Electra was also seen in the family movie Cheaper by the Dozen which gained a lot of appreciation from the audience.

Carmen Electra married twice, the first time Carmen Electra was married to basketball player Dennis Rodman but the marriage did not last that long and the couple divorced. Carmen Electra married again in 2003. She married Dave Navvaro but again filed a divorce and the marriage broke. Reportedly, Carmen Electra is currently engaged to Rob Patterson and the news of the couple getting married is not disclosed yet.

We expect to see more of this hot all-American girl and wish Carmen Electra all the best for her future ventures.

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