Carmen Electra crams her Curves into LBD for belated Birthday Bash

 Carmen Electra crams her Curves into LBD for belated Birthday Bash

Carmen Electra Curves

Her claim to fame has always been her fantastic physique. And Carmen Electra proved she still has a body that would be the envy of many half her age as she attended her belated birthday bash in Las Vegas on Saturday. The former Baywatch babe looked in a great mood as she celebrated her 41st birthday Crazy Horse lll Gentleman’s Club.  It was very much a return to her roots, as she started her career in 1990 as a dancer at the Kings Island amusement park in Mason, Ohio in the long forgotten show It’s Magic.

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And she wore a look her younger self would have been proud of after cramming her curves into a tight-fitting little black dress. Even her staunchest critics would surely agree the outfit was wonderfully flattering, hugging her body in all the right places. Carmen, whose birthday is on April 20, recently credited hard work as the reason she has been able to maintain the figure that made her one of Playboy’s all-time top centrefolds.

Carmen Electra Birthday Bash

The actress, who was discovered by randy singer Prince, said: ‘I feel better than I did at 25. I still have the discipline I learned when I studied ballet growing up. ‘ love Playboy – they supported me from the beginning. I heard I’ve had the third-most covers of anyone, after Pamela [Anderson] and Anna Nicole Smith. I’m very proud of that!’ She also said she is open to the idea of starting a family through adoption.

Carmen said: ‘I’d be an encouraging and fun mom. I’d let my kid be who they are but also be a good solid mom. ‘I definitely have an edgy, wild side to me – and I know people are surprised by this – but I can be very traditional too.’ – Dailymail

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