Andi Muise – The Sizzling Beauty of Fashion Indurty

 Andi Muise – The Sizzling Beauty of Fashion Indurty

Andi Muise Beauty of Fashion IndurtyAndi Muise has always been destined to be a hot model to sizzle the cover of fashion magazines and your TV screens. Let us have a sneak-peak into the life of hot girl Andi Muise – the Victoria’s Secret model – who makes it hard to control heartbeat the moment she appears on screen.

Andi Muise is a name of a new talented model who has already made it big in modeling and advertisement world. Andi Muise has worked in the glamorous world of Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Bloomingdale’s, Kehnneth Cole, GQ and Allure. It seems that glamour world, having long been awaiting for a pretty face and body, has embraced this already emerging hot model Andi Muise into its guaranteed successful world.

Born on January 12, 1987 in Canada, Andi Muise started off her modeling career as a young girl when she was accidentally discovered by Michcle Miller, owner of the International Model Management agency, in a mall that Andi Muise frequented. Andi Muise is one of those people about whom it can be said with surety that they achieved what they wanted. Modeling, Andi Muise says, has always been her dream of a future life. However, what Andi Muise didn’t know was that a routine trip to her favorite mall would one day change her destiny forever and mold it exactly in a way Andi Muise wanted. Miller, giving Andi Muise the earliest kick she needed in the modeling world, placed her in local print campaigns for starters.

Later our hot girl Andi Muise moved to New York in search of better modeling offers. This turned out to be a lucky and wise decision on her part as Andi Muise grabbed the opportunity to work with big-shots such as FCUK and Armani. Soon hot model Andi Muise was a familiar word in the fashion world as well our home screens, thanks to her exotic beauty, almond-eyes and sizzling body. The modeling contract with Victoria’s Secret in 2005 gave Andi Muise exponential fame and name. Since then, Andi Muise has been amongst the most sought-after ramp models for designers.

Andi Muise is a beautiful, 5’9 Caucasian model who is aware of what exactly her fans want – raw talent merged with the sizzle of her beautiful body. Still young, our hot girl Andi Muise has modeled for a number of major brands such as Intimissimi, Armani, Pantene, Lacoste, Julien Macdonalad, Dolce & Gabbana etc. The appearance on the season finale of Project Runway gained Andi Muise extra popularity.

The modeling career that has just started for hot model Andi Muise, is already swarming with achievements. Andi Muise has appeared in various American and British men’s magazines and already Andi Muise is testing her luck in the French market. While a career in modeling is bright for Andi Muise, she plans to design shoes and jewelry once she kisses it good bye. Given her beautiful body and stunning looks, we are sure that future for Andi Muise is bright in H-Town. Since Andi Muise is young, thrilling, a treat to the eyes, glamorous and irresistible, it won’t be wrong to call her a resident heartthrob of our times. We wish best of luck  to Andi Muise with her escalating career.

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