Adriana Volpe

 Adriana Volpe

Adriana Volpe ModelAdriana Volpe is an Italian actress and model. She is one of the supermodel of her times. Adriana Volpe had a very limited marital status life. She was married to Chicco Cangin. This marriage of two souls lasted just in four months. After that she kept focus on her career as a model. Later she was engaged with a businessman Roberto Parli, and then they got married. But unfortunately her this marriage also did not last much too long and ended in a year.

Adriana Volpe is the only child of her parents and off course was very close to her parents, especially her father. Adriana Volpe was born on 31st may 1973 in Trent. She went to Rome for her studies in scientific high school. Then later on Adriana Volpe moved to Milan where she decided to work as a model. This was the beginning of her career as a model. She signed a Fashion show with an organization named as “why not”. Adriana volpe not only signed this but also kept working as a model in other cities like Paris, Tokyo etc. These were the first step towards her modeling profession.

In 1992 she moved to Rome, where Adriana Volpe made her debut in Rai, she participated in three editions of “Wetten?” a program in prime time on Rai1. She was happy and satisfied for her new starting. Adriana Volpe kept engaged with Rai till 1995. Not just programmes, she also focuses her career on films.  Adriana Volpe started to enter film industry in 1995. She did two films named “honeymoon” and “cross and delight” with the roles of Marcella and Barbara respectively. In both the films Adriana Volpe showed her best performance.

Adriana Volpe also hosted a youth program which she started after completing her movies. The Lion network was the youth program which she was hosting for children. This program consists of 100 episodes and was broadcasted live on television. In 1999 he returned to Rai where she was entrusted with the conduct of “High Noon in the Family” program aired every Saturday and Sunday on RAI-2. Adriana Volpe also starred in a weekend program which was aired on Rai2. The names of the programs were Mezzogiorno in Famiglia” e “Mattina in Famiglia” which are “high noon in the family” and “morning in the family”. Adriana Volpe was casted in a film namely “house arrest” in which she acted as a bar girl. All her films are directed by famous directors and producers which always made Adriana Volpe a super star. Not just acting and starring, Adriana Volpe was also a very enthusiastic girl. She participated in many programmes among them a famous was “night on ice” second edition. At last I can only say about Adriana Volpe that she is a self made woman. She had devoted her life towards her career and had made her position in whatever she wished.

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