Hairstylist Paul Mitchell’s Son, Angus Mitchell, Found Dead in His Swimming Pool

 Hairstylist Paul Mitchell’s Son, Angus Mitchell, Found Dead in His Swimming Pool

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Angus Mitchell, the son of famous hairstylist Paul Mitchell, was tragically discovered dead in a swimming pool at his home in Honolulu. Police responded to a call early Wednesday morning at the 53-year-old’s residence, where they found him lifeless in the water.

Just a day before this heartbreaking discovery, Angus had shared a joyous video on social media, capturing moments of himself relishing Hawaiian music, seemingly in high spirits.

Angus’s untimely death has shocked many, with authorities pronouncing him dead at the scene. The exact cause of his death remains unclear at this time.

The legacy of Angus’s father, who co-founded John Paul Mitchell Systems in 1980, was carried forward by Angus after his father’s death from pancreatic cancer in 1989. Angus, inheriting his father’s stake in the company, was deeply immersed in the hairstyling world. Despite formal training, he often credited his parents for his profound hairstyling knowledge. He worked in Hawaii for several years before opening his own Angus Mitchell Salon in Beverly Hills in 2010.

Angus is survived by his wife Mara and his 8-year-old son, Dylan, from his previous marriage to Sian. He was first married to Michelle Raab in 2010 in Hawaii.

Reflecting on his journey in a Forbes interview in January 2023, Angus spoke candidly about the challenges of upholding his father’s legacy. He acknowledged the scrutiny and high expectations that came with his surname, emphasizing that respect and opportunity had to be earned. He expressed a deep commitment to his craft and the beauty industry, finding fulfillment and authenticity in his path.

Angus’s untimely passing leaves a void in both his family and the beauty industry, where his contributions and spirit will be profoundly missed.

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