Hailey Bieber makes first statement on ‘divorce’ from Justin Bieber

 Hailey Bieber makes first statement on ‘divorce’ from Justin Bieber

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Hailey Bieber is channeling her passion for baking into a way to gracefully handle the rumors surrounding her marriage to Justin Bieber. The 27-year-old model and entrepreneur showcased her baking talent on Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Jan. 17, in what appeared to be a response to the continuous speculation about her relationship status.

She proudly shared a picture of a delectable bowl of homemade cinnamon rolls, accompanied by a caption that playfully dismissed the importance of public opinion: “The biggest reason why I just really shouldn’t give a f*** what anyone has to say is that I truly make the most insane cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had.”

In a subsequent Instagram Story, Hailey zoomed in on a perfectly baked cinnamon roll, reiterating her point with a simple, “CORRECT.”

Not only did Hailey indulge in her culinary creation, but she also spread joy by sharing the sweet treats with her friends. Among the recipients were Reign Judge, Dr. Jocelyn Miranda, and Lori Harvey, the daughter of Steve Harvey. Each of them reciprocated Hailey’s gesture by expressing their appreciation on their respective Instagram Stories, thereby showing their support for the model amid the swirling rumors.

This latest social media activity by Hailey Bieber follows a series of reports and speculations about potential trouble in her marriage with Justin Bieber. These rumors gained traction after the couple was seen looking somber during a recent public appearance, where they maintained a noticeable distance from each other.

Further fuel was added to the rumor mill when Justin was conspicuously absent from Hailey’s New Year’s celebration posts on Instagram earlier in the month. This absence led to increased speculation among fans and media about the state of their marriage. However, Hailey’s recent social media posts seem to suggest that she is focusing on the positive aspects of her life, using her love for baking as a sweet retort to the rumors.

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