The Reason Behind a “Scared” Hailey Bieber’s “Relentless Crying” About Getting Married to Justin Bieber

 The Reason Behind a “Scared” Hailey Bieber’s “Relentless Crying” About Getting Married to Justin Bieber

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Hailey Bieber’s reflections on family and public life, shared in her interview with The Sunday Times, reveal a thoughtful and cautious approach to parenthood. She loves children and desires to have her own, but the idea of raising a child amidst intense media scrutiny and public commentary concerns her.

This concern stems from her own experiences with the media, where both her relationship with Justin Bieber and her husband’s past with Selena Gomez have been constant topics of discussion and criticism,” per PEOPLE.

The model and entrepreneur also touched upon the unique pressures that come with a high-profile relationship. The couple’s every move is frequently analyzed and judged by the public and the press, a situation that has understandably made Hailey apprehensive about bringing a child into such an environment.

She desires a healthy and positive atmosphere for her future children, free from the negativity that currently surrounds her and Justin. Health issues have also been a significant part of their lives recently. Justin’s struggle with Ramsay Hunt syndrome and Hailey’s emergency hospitalization due to a blood clot are reminders of the personal challenges they’ve faced, often under the watchful eye of the public.

Hailey’s insistence on narrating her own health story highlights her desire for authenticity and control over her narrative, amidst rampant speculation and rumors.

Finally, in their discussions about expanding their family, as highlighted in their Harpers Bazaar interview, the Biebers acknowledge the complexities marriage already brings. Hailey admits that while Justin is her closest companion, adding children to their lives will be a new phase requiring adaptation and effort. Despite these challenges, their commitment to each other remains a strong foundation for their future decisions.

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