Gwen Stefani’s Omission of Support for Blake Shelton’s ‘Barmageddon’ Finale Fuels Speculation of Relationship Troubles

 Gwen Stefani’s Omission of Support for Blake Shelton’s ‘Barmageddon’ Finale Fuels Speculation of Relationship Troubles


Blake Shelton experienced a notable lack of recognition from his wife, Gwen Stefani, on an important day in his career. Despite the season finale of his show “Barmageddon,” which he was actively promoting, Stefani, aged 54, did not acknowledge the event on social media.

Instead, she focused on her business endeavors. Early in the month, Stefani highlighted the launch of a new cosmetics box from her makeup brand, GXVE Beauty, created in collaboration with beauty startup Ipsy. This development, reported by The U.S. Sun, was announced on January 9 and was inspired by Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” persona.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2021, has been surrounded by rumors of marital discord for several weeks. There has been speculation about the strain on their relationship due to spending increased time apart, as they each focus on their careers.

This speculation was fueled when Stefani removed all pictures of Shelton from her social media in late December. Adding to the conjecture, they celebrated New Year’s Eve separately, with Stefani hosting a party in Las Vegas and Shelton performing in Nashville, Tennessee.

Post-holiday, a source told Life & Style that Stefani was notably “disappointed” and “upset” about spending the festive period apart. The source suggested, “Gwen and Blake’s marriage is definitely in trouble. Lately, they’ve been at odds about everything from career decisions and the parenting of her three boys to where they spend most of their time. The tension continues to grow, and Blake and Gwen are drifting apart as a result.”

Shelton, 47, known for his “drunk redneck” persona, made headlines in December when he expressed a desire to reduce or completely stop drinking. This move was perceived by some as an attempt to please Stefani, who allegedly prefers him sober. “Some say Gwen doesn’t like him boozing,” the insider remarked, “and this was a gesture to appease his wife.”

The couple’s romance began in 2015 amidst their respective divorces from Gavin Rossdale, then 58, and Miranda Lambert, 40. They fell in love on the set of “The Voice,” and after six years of friendship, they married in Oklahoma in 2021, in a ceremony attended by Stefani’s sons with Rossdale – Apollo, 9, Kingston, 17, and Zuma, 15. However, the source observed, “The honeymoon period didn’t last all that long.”

The lack of mutual support for each other’s projects on social media has reportedly been a point of contention. Stefani, in particular, felt “hurt” by Shelton’s lack of support for her work on Instagram, leading to disputes. This may explain Stefani’s recent decision to not promote Shelton’s show finale. “Gwen and Blake are leading separate lives,” the source concluded, “It’s very sad, but the writing seems to be on the wall for their marriage.”

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