Gwen Stefani gushes over Blake Shelton while celebrating happy married life

 Gwen Stefani gushes over Blake Shelton while celebrating happy married life


Gwen Stefani can’t help but express her love for Blake Shelton as she celebrates their content married life. In a recent TikTok video, Stefani joyfully acknowledged the harmony between her life with Shelton, saying “It just works.”

The celebrated singer took to TikTok this past weekend to share a video that beautifully captures their harmonious union.

“When you’re with an Oklahoma guy who drives tractors and you’re from Orange County, yet it all comes together perfectly,” the 53-year-old Stefani wrote in the video caption alongside her 47-year-old husband, Shelton.

The video is a compilation of sweet clips that highlight the contrast between their backgrounds, set to Stefani’s new song, True Babe.

“We’re from two distinct worlds / But you still refer to me as your pretty girl, pretty girl,” she croons in the song.

The ‘Sangria’ singer hails from rural Oklahoma, while Stefani was born and raised in California. The pop star and country singer first bonded while coaching The Voice contestants in 2014.

On July 4th, 2021, the couple tied the knot at Shelton’s Tishomingo estate. They recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

In May, Stefani publicly praised her husband when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Speaking to the crowd, she referred to him as her “dream come true.”

“He’s humble, he’s genuine, and trust me, everywhere we go, people feel like they’ve met Blake Shelton,” she shared.

“Blake, you are one of a kind, and despite all your achievements as a singer, songwriter, musician, performer, entertainer, actor, comedian, and entrepreneur, you remain the same person you were back then – a country guy with a passion for country music. You’re charismatic, extremely generous, and always yourself.

You always bring joy, laughter, and lightheartedness wherever you go.” As Stefani concluded her tribute, a proud Shelton was heard proclaiming, “That’s my wife.”


it just works ♥️ @Blake Shelton

♬ True Babe – Gwen Stefani

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