Gisele Bündchen reacts to ‘disrespectful’ Tom Brady Netflix roast

 Gisele Bündchen reacts to ‘disrespectful’ Tom Brady Netflix roast

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Gisele Bündchen expressed her dissatisfaction with the portrayal of her family during the Netflix special, “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady,” where she was less than thrilled with the humor directed at her marriage and subsequent separation from former NFL quarterback Tom Brady.

The event, designed to poke fun at the Super Bowl champion through a series of jokes and skits, seems to have crossed a line for Bündchen, particularly concerning personal jabs at her relationship with Brady. A source close to the Brazilian model shared with People Magazine that Bündchen did not find the content regarding her marriage and split from Brady amusing.

“As always, [Bündchen’s] priority is to support her children who were affected by the irresponsible content that was broadcasted,” they added. The insider continued: “This past week, Gisele has been tirelessly dedicated to aiding those in need in her home state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, which is grappling with the worst flooding in its history.

“She was concerned about a family affected by the devastating floods, so to hear her life being joked about was very disappointing.” During the event, Kevin Hart grilled Brady, saying, “Single life is what you deserve,” before adding, “You had no choice, Gisele gave you an ultimatum. Gisele said, ‘You retire or we’re done.’ That’s what she said to you, Tom. ‘You retire, or we’re done.’”

“Let me tell you something when you’ve got a chance to go eight in nine and all it will cost you is your wife and your kids, you gotta do what the (expletive) you gotta do,” he added. Hart then went on to refer to Bunchen’s new romance with Joaquim Valente, joking about how Brady, “the smartest quarterback to ever play the game,” did not release his wife was having an affair with the “karate man.”

Instead, she found the jokes to be “disrespectful,” highlighting a significant gap between the roast’s intent to entertain and the personal impact it had on those involved. The insider conveyed Bündchen’s reaction to the roast, noting that she was “disappointed” by the comedic approach to such personal subjects.

Further elaborating on her feelings, the source mentioned that Bündchen was “deeply disappointed” by how the roast portrayed her family, indicating that the jests made at the expense of her personal life felt like a public misrepresentation of her intimate relationships. This reaction underscores the often delicate balance that public figures must navigate when their personal lives are thrust into the spotlight under the guise of entertainment.

The event, which aimed to celebrate and humorously critique Tom Brady’s illustrious career and life, included various celebrities and comedians who took turns roasting the retired athlete. While such roasts are traditionally known for their no-holds-barred approach to comedy, the inclusion of personal topics such as Brady’s family and marital history with Bündchen apparently struck a nerve.

This incident raises questions about the boundaries of comedy, especially in formats like celebrity roasts, where the line between humor and disrespect can sometimes become blurred. It also highlights how family members of public figures, though indirectly involved, can be deeply affected by the media’s portrayal of their personal lives.

As a public figure and fashion icon, Gisele Bündchen has navigated the complexities of media scrutiny for years, yet the roast’s approach to her personal life represents a moment where the intersection of public persona and private reality became particularly contentious. The feedback from Bündchen via the source suggests a need for more sensitivity and respect in how such entertainment platforms engage with the real lives of those they portray, especially when it involves matters as personal as family and relationships.

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