All the Girl’s together for a Girlies Night at Home

 All the Girl’s together for a Girlies Night at Home

girls-nightWhen it’s a night in planned chilling out with your gal pals, you don’t want any interruptions or distractions. Read on and see how it’s done so you and your friends can enjoy that time with each other.

Life could feel somewhat incomplete if you don’t have your girl’s around. As you grow up, you realize that they are your strength and also your weakness. Having great friends who you can rely on is not as easy as it seems but when you find the right girls to become a part of your life, then a girl’s night in can be a fantastic way to unwind from all the stresses in life and just enjoy a good ole gossip and giggle with them.

Now when you’ve invited the girls over for evening at home, then you don’t want to be tucked away into the kitchen cooking or making snacks of any sort, because you’ll be missing all of the juicy gossip. Who has the time these days to whip up a 5 course meal? Instead see what is inside the fridge and throw something together, You could even ask each one of your friends’s to bring something with them. Better yet, I say – order in. Whether its yummy Chinese, Pizza or some meaty burgers and salads, the girl’s will appreciate you for thinking ahead. Now whatever you do, always make sure you’re stocked up with the sweet munchies at home! No girly night in is complete without the barrage of high sugar treats flowing in your system! They say diamonds are a girls best friend… I’d like someone to run a counter theory because I have a feeling that chocolate is a girls best friend, along with being her enemy when she realizes she has limit the intake of that sweet luxury. But you know what else they say? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

Here are my top home entertaining tips for a girls night in.

1.    Ask each of your friends to bring one pampering product with them to the girly night. This can range from a super duper face mask, nail polish or hot hair oils. When it comes to pampering products, trust me ladies, the list is always endless! This is a  perfect opportunity to turn your living room into a mini salon and spa and treat each other to some much needed pampering.

2.    Before your friends show up at your home, it’s a good idea to create a playlist of songs on your ipod. Go by mood- so for early evening start of a little more civilized and smooth with some easy listening tunes for dinner. Then later on you can crank up the tracks into party and dance mode. Now if you don’t own an ipod yet then organize your CD;s by mood. Don’t have to sit there for hours going through all of them. Just pick five to six CD’s.

3.    Men allowed? Oh no. The only man allowed will be the guy delivering the food to your home.

4.    Play a game. No I don’t mean hide and seek, although I have to say that can still be quite entertaining. Instead pick a more fun game which will bring out the giggles. Try ‘Dirty Minds’. It is guaranteed to have you and your girls on the floor and laughing hard.

5.    Lastly, remember to have fun and enjoy yourselves! This is your night at home, with your girl’s to relax, laugh and unwind.

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