Gayle King Discusses Her Desire To Be With A Black Man And Why She Finds Dating “Difficult”

 Gayle King Discusses Her Desire To Be With A Black Man And Why She Finds Dating “Difficult”


Gayle King, the esteemed 69-year-old journalist and TV personality, often known for her professional endeavors, recently offered rare insights into her personal love life during a candid interview on the popular podcast, The Pivot. King delved into the realm of her dating experiences and didn’t hold back in expressing her affinity for Black men, shedding light on her unique perspective.

The conversation veered toward King’s dating life, with the host inquiring about any challenges she may face. King candidly responded, addressing the notion of her being intimidating to potential partners. She recounted an incident where someone remarked, “Gayle, look at your shoes…look at your bag, look at your coat. You’re friends with Oprah. A guy looks at that and says, ‘I can’t compete with that.'”

However, King firmly believes that it’s not about competition but rather about finding someone with a sense of humor, strong self-assuredness, and an ability to see her for who she truly is. King then delved into her personal preferences, highlighting her attraction to Black men.

She expressed her admiration for the unique way Black men express themselves, emphasizing the charm and distinctiveness in their communication. King playfully shared her fondness for how Black men use terms like “mother—king baby,” noting that nobody says it quite like they do. She went on to express her fascination with phrases like “Hey, baby” and “mother-—ker,” finding a certain intelligence and allure in the way Black men deliver these expressions, told Essence.

Adding a touch of humor to her preferences, King admitted that a well-delivered curse word can be remarkably intelligent in her eyes. However, she clarified that she doesn’t seek a partner who curses excessively. Instead, intelligence remains a key criterion for her, along with a sense of humor, kindness, versatility (the ability to comfortably navigate diverse social settings, from backyard barbecues to the White House), and the use of proper grammar.

Gayle King’s romantic history has been largely private, with her only publicly known committed relationship being with her ex-husband, William Bumpus, an assistant attorney in Connecticut. Their marriage, which spanned 11 years, concluded in 1993 amid allegations of infidelity. Despite the tumultuous end to their union, they share two children, daughter Kirby and son Will, who are a testament to the legacy of their relationship.

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